Boudoir fotózás

Budapest, országosan

Why is it important to try a boudoir/glamour photoshoot?

First, let's clear its meaning. Glamour, it's easy: shine, glowing, splendor. We work with the woman's power, focusing on feminine beauty. Very important to use beautiful make-up and hairstyle. We have to find the real women who live inside of you. We can use lingerie, sexy dresses, or even swimsuits, bikinis. The focus is on beauty.
Boudoir means a woman's private room, bedroom. This one is a more intimate, mysterious photo shoot, in a stylish, tasteful way. We focus on the lingerie, the body parts, the details that make moody images. We can use a bedroom or bathroom as a location. Very important to use sexy lingeries, bodies, stockings, corsets, suspenders, nightwears, high-heels, pearls, and jewelry. 



Don't you feel sexy enough? It would be great to see the woman again inside of you, but your everyday working doesn't allow it? So here is the chance to change it! Give yourself some caring and a timeless gift with a beautiful series. Beyond that, this is a brilliant experience, you'll always be able to watch again these pictures, in case you have self-doubts.


Are you living in a relationship, and his birthday/Christmas/anniversary is on the way?   Do you want to give something personal to him, what isn't ordinary? If yes, I offer this shooting. There isn't a man in the world, who wouldn't be happy with these pictures. 

Broke up or cheating?

I'm pretty sure if you keep these pictures in your hands, you will see yourself differently. You'll find that beauty that was missing in your thoughts before. You'll get self-confidence again. And I'm sure it will help to survive these times and makes you stronger. That will affect that man who deserves you. Sometimes we think we're not enough. So this is all we have to change in our head, to find the life we dream about. 


As you are planning the sets and the poses for the shooting, that gives you an exciting feeling. Anyway, you'll get a pdf with so many ideas, so you can use it even if you don't have anything in your head yet. I always help you to choose the best fit for you, you can send me pictures of your ideas. Through getting makeup and hairstyle, my professional team helps you to feel comfortable. When you get ready and look into the mirror, you'll feel like a queen. 

"It's okay, sounds good, but I don't feel I'll be okay with it"

Here is the secret: you're not the only one who feels this. We need to get out of the box to discover a different new world. I've been shooting for years, so I worked together lots of beautiful women who never have been in front of the camera before. That taught me to easily direct people, watch their moves, and all details. I'm able to find the best angles and poses for you. You'll feel comfortable through the shooting around 5-10 minutes later we start. I always show some pictures to see what I see, and you'll believe in me if I say something to do it because that looks great indeed. I love when we reach this point. There is the reason I chose this job. When I feel your happiness, your confidence, your satisfaction.